Switzerland - Last days in Switzerland

Pure life. On the road! - Last days in Switzerland

Lake Sempach splashes us with rain in the morning. The Sempach ornithological station is somehow not so inviting, apparently a lot of birds are already heading south. So now we do too.

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So we set off, drive through the almost 17-kilometre-long Gotthard tunnel and suddenly Gerd exclaims: "There it is, the sun!" The road signs are now Italian, we are in our beloved Ticino.

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On Lake Lugano, at the lowest point, in the most beautiful sunshine and with the best view, we find a pitch for our working days. 

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First things first.

Gerd would like to indulge in Italian cuisine 3 times a day. That will hardly succeed, but once or twice will probably work.

So on Sunday afternoon we start a walk through the small town of Riva San Vitale and are surprised by a small pre-Christmas crafts market. Simply beautiful. At the end of our city tour, we fill our stomachs and Italian hearts with the best pizza and the finest espresso.

There would still be great hiking trails. But much more tempting is our Felix, who lures us in nicely heated for a long afternoon nap. And we realise that the last weeks and days have been very full, very intense, very beautiful. And all these impressions need to be processed. 

We spend the evening comfortably in our cottage - and feel good: we are "on the road" again!

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Pure life. On the road! - Last days in Switzerland

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News #1
On 24 June we will give a talk about our trip in the van in Konolfingen, Bern, Switzerland. All info and the possibility to Registration here. We look forward to seeing you!

News #2
I am currently writing a book about the encounters on our journey. If you would like to test-read a chapter or two this summer, please contact me by email.

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