Switzerland - Hijacking of the Swiss Federal Palace

"Rendez-vous Bundesplatz" Pure life. On the road! - Hijacking the Swiss Federal Palace

After a long and yes - somewhat boring - laptop day (we want to update our website and only the result is really fun, never the way to it), we are standing in Bern on the Aare. With a view of the unlit Bundeshaus. Saving electricity and all that.

We cook ourselves something nice and think about whether we want to go straight to the nest or go for a walk through the capital. In fact, the idea of taking an evening stroll through the city wins. In our hearts we say goodbye again to "our" Bern for a longer time. 

And - surprise, surprise - in Berne the "Rendez-vous Bundesplatz took place for the tenth time. How often have we stood on Bundesplatz, in the morning still a vegetable and fish market, in the evening in October and November an enchanting light show with accompanying music. Sometimes political, sometimes historical. And today, playfully romantic: the journey takes us to a particularly mysterious place: Point Nemo.

Jules Verne's submarine Nautilus takes us along, we get to watch seahorses dance and the mighty octopus hijack the Bundeshaus and dive to Point Nemo 2,700 kilometres away. Fiery jellyfish dance to the BeeGees, plankton sparkles and the heavy rain in front of the Bundeshaus (yes, it poured down on us!) made the musical-artistic half hour a damp and magical journey.

At the end - spoiler alert! - everything turns out all right, the Bundeshaus reappears, the piece ends on a lively note with "Yellow Submarine" and we swim - er, run - home to our Felix. Here our jackets, our trousers and also our shoes are dripping nicely. It's a good thing we have a big bathroom to hang our laundry in and we didn't want to take a shower today anyway.

Thank you Bern for this magical evening.

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pure life 221117 19 01 002

"Rendez-vous Bundesplatz" Pure life. On the road! - Hijacking the Swiss Federal Palace

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pure life 221117 19 06 004

pure life 221117 19 10 006

pure life 221117 19 16 008

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pure life 221117 19 18 009

pure life 221117 19 25 010

Merci for "travelling with us

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