Switzerland - With the friend 5 days holiday 1/5

Pure life. On the road - 5 days holiday with the girlfriend

We separate for a few days. Gerd spends a lot of time with his mum, I take Felix and pick up my girlfriend for a road trip.

The vintage radio underlines our mood with old jokes and as if we had only seen each other a few days ago, we pick up where we left off in April.

We travel with Felix from Bern to Kandersteg, take the car train to Goppenstein (wow, that's another challenge for me, after all I haven't travelled at all for almost 5 months and then something like this. Does Felix actually fit on the car train? Good question!) and we are already in the Valais. According to the weather app, the sun comes out as we sit in the Gondeli on the Riederfurka.

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Halfway up, the inevitable happens. She (my girlfriend!) wants to go up. That's great. After the little hills of the last few months, not my cup of tea. But fortunately my body remembers past mountain stages and - even if it doesn't look like it - I hike up the mountains like a young gem. 

The autumn-coloured forest, the view of the ever-shrinking Aletsch glacier and the anticipation of the Chässchnitte make me happy. It's so nice to be in the mountains. I had forgotten a little bit how great the Swiss Alps are and what enchanting power they exude.

It's not our fault that the Chässchnitte didn't happen. In the Wunsch-Berg-Beizli, they have switched to Guide Michelin, nothing with farmer-mountain food. But as is the way with hungry mountain gays: we'll just have star chef food. It shouldn't be up to us.

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Merci for "travelling with us

Our first lectures in Switzerland are planned. Others in Germany could follow. We'll see. We would love to take you into the Persian world somewhere in western Germany and also in the Berlin area. We are still looking for venues. If you know anything, please write to us.


Lecture & Persian tea time
Camels, cultures & many contrasts
Life-pure travelling with the camper through mysterious Persia

Two dates:21.06.24 or 28.06.24; 7 pm Muri/Bern
21 or 28 June 2024 - start 7 pm, doors open at 6:45 pm RoomZoom - Thunstrasse 162 - 3074 Muri b. Bern

We are happy about 20 CHF per person. Kids are free of charge.Please register by e-mail: andrea.kormann@dakor.ch

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Rachel Hirt
Rachel Hirt
1 year ago


Karin Lindemaier
Karin Lindemaier
1 year ago

How nice for you to be back home😀 Have a very nice time with family and friends.
On our way back to Germany from our holiday in Italy, we of course also passed through Switzerland and I regretted that your country is always just a 'transit country' for us. Now I have bought two motorhome travel guides: the western part and the eastern part of Switzerland. I would like to get to know more of your country on future holidays 😀 !!!
Love, Karin 🙋♀️

1 year ago

Hello you love

If you still need a bit of inspiration, order yourself this:


We always drive a little bit of the Grand Tour when we are here!

Kind regards - Heike & Gerd

Karin Lindemaier
Karin Lindemaier
1 year ago
Reply to  Heike

Thank you very much for your tip. The brochures are great and very helpful 😀! I think the idea of the snack box is really good 👍 👍 👍