Switzerland - With the friend 5 days holiday 2/5

Pure life. On the road - 5 days holiday with the girlfriend

The rolling all-inclusive hotel rolls on; after the hike along the Aletsch Glacier region, it's time for me to make a little impression on my girlfriend. But how?

In the best evening sun, I take the Nufenen Pass under my wheels. I'm a bit scared, as I only have summer wheels on Felix and don't want to put winter tyres on because of our winter plans. But on a pass like this it can get very cold in October.

Still, we dare: high up we stop, cook ourselves a snack and enjoy this magical sunset at over 2,400 metres. I turn on the heating, make us another pot of tea and we knit and chat our way into the night.

The night is crisp and cold (outside, good thing the heating is running inside), the stars twinkle above our one-million-star hotel and my head is buzzing because of the altitude. (I actually knew that anything above 2,200 metres gives me a headache, but I can't help it).

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The morning greets us both (we both slept super badly, me because of the headache, Regi because too new, too different, too cramped...) with beautiful sunshine, a looong extended coffee and breakfast round. Regi walks around on the mountain tops and is happy to experience the sunrise here and I sit in my Felix, read and wait for the sun to thaw the slippery roads.

Around noon, we have seen everything there is to see up here and set off for the Bedretto Valley. And by the way, we almost drive the route backwards, which I 2017 walked when I walked from Ascona to Bern.

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pure life 221013 08 05 012

pure life 221013 08 05 013

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pure life 221013 08 29 015

In the Bedretto Valley in Ticino, we hike one hour there, one hour back. This valley is magnificent from a hiking point of view, but little known. That is precisely what makes it so charming.

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Towards afternoon, we are drawn to the "real" Ticino, with its Mediterranean flair, espresso and Lake Maggiore.

Here we stroll through Ascona, pause in the front row with a view of the lake, let ourselves be pampered with espresso and cappuccino and dive deep into the "dolce vita".

The weather is really great, every time we get out of Felix, the sky opens up and we walk around under a bright or at least slightly cloudy sky with the sun winking out.

Since our night was not very restful, nothing much worth mentioning happens today. We spend the evening directly at the lake, just before the Italian border. Let's see if we "cross over" tomorrow. 

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pure life 221013 15 20 026

pure life 221013 15 32 028

pure life 221013 16 27 029

Merci for "travelling with us

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Rachel Hirt
Rachel Hirt
1 year ago

Good morning girls.

I wish you a wonderful time together. 👍♥️

I really have to admire you, dear Heike.
1. for the courage to go up there with summer tyres! 👍
But this October makes it possible. 😂

2. for your perseverance in writing these beautiful reports again and again.
I have often asked myself:
Do you think it will get too annoying at some point? 🤔
For me personally, it would be a pity if you lost the desire to write.
What would I read with my morning coffee? 😳

Thank you Heike. 🙏

Warm greetings
From the Racheli