Switzerland - With the friend 5 days holiday 3/5

Pure life. On the road - 5 days holiday with the girlfriend

Brissago is simply magical. While I make breakfast, my girlfriend explores the town and the promenade. That's how a morning can start, isn't it?

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At noon, we crossed over to Italy and found Cannobio, a small town with cute little boutiques in its alleyways. Not that we buy anything there, I myself wouldn't know what to do with the chic stuff and where to store it. 

But the hustle and bustle of the sun-hungry tourists (including us!) is simply enchanting. The two of us have by no means finished discussing all the topics that concern us, and of course we have to potter around here on the promenade. Hach, wat schön. Girls' holiday.

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We decide to spend the night in the Centovalli, or rather in the Valle Onsernone. I'm not sure if I can still type the Nufenen Pass, but I do my best. 

What I don't know is that the Valle Onsernone is a valley over 20 km long with a mostly single-lane mountain road. Rocks up on the right, rocks steeply downhill on the left. Of course I pretend that this is no problem for me and steer our 6.4 m long little house around the bends. Oncoming traffic wouldn't be so great now, but it happens from time to time. Who has to reverse again? Oh, me, oops... 

Finally, an hour later, we arrive in Spruga and learn from the witch - sorry, the "friendly" landlady - that it is not allowed to spend the night here. All right, we eat a piece of cake, have a drink and head back. 

I have a great idea, I hang behind the postbus (which acts as a bus here) and think that this is quite an excellent plan. Unfortunately, I hadn't considered that postbus chauffeurs drive much faster than Angsthäsin-Felix chauffeurs. The yellow bus quickly lost us and we slowly but surely strolled back along the whole valley until we found a quiet and almost straight sleeping place in the Centovalli in an autumnal ambience.

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