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Links, recommendations and partnerships

Basically, we only write about places, people and things that we have experienced, met or visited ourselves. Our texts reflect exactly that: our experience.

We do not enter into any cooperations. If we like something, we tell it anyway. We don't need a commission for that.

We finance our trip solely through our work, which is completely independent of this blog.

Okay, who knows, maybe there will be a book about our trip one day, then we'll change our minds at short notice.

I, Heike, see myself more as a storyteller. I am not a travel or country tip giver. But if you miss any information in one of the posts, feel free to write a comment below the post and I will provide information, with links, GPS data or whatever is requested.

A few Inspiration links there are then here, books, videos, films, etc. But here too, we have consciously decided against affiliates and commissions.

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Thomas Auer
7 years ago

Hello Heike

I would like to draw your attention to a link that might be of interest to visitors to Leben Pur:
The link below not only lists short-, medium- and long-term planned hikes, but also over 250 hiking reports (blogs). The latter are designed in such a way that they can be followed.

It remains for me to mention that the 100% Hiking Freaks are non-commercial: Participants incur no costs other than their own travel and catering expenses.

Best wishes from Säuliamt


3 years ago

Hello Heike,
I have just finished listening to the Laos podcasts (via i-Tunes) and it was great fun to listen to you (although "somewhat" delayed)! But what I miss here on this page are details/info/names of the places, restaurants or guesthouses and other info where you were. I would have liked to have written that down. Is there somewhere where I can read about it? Have I missed any links? No Insta, because I don't have an account there.
By the way, we have already been to Laos twice. But only in the north. We would also like to do the islands in the south and the river trip from Thailand to LP next time.

1 month ago

Hello, I think I may have visited this caravanserai in the 1970's. Do you have any more information about the history of this place? Thank you!

Heike Burch
Heike Burch
1 month ago
Reply to  Juliana

Hi Juliana, do you mean this here: ?

No, only that, what I already wrote 🙂

Cheers, Heike