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Pure life. On the road - A few weeks at home - Switzerland

Crazy: our third holiday back home. And we realise the following: we are somehow no longer on a trip, but have changed our lifestyle so "naadisnaa", as they say here in Bärn.

Yes, now you could say we are Vagabonds. The term vagabond has traditionally negative connotations, but actually comes from the word wandering. Which suits us wonderfully. 

In our perception bubble we often read about Vanlife. These are those who live in a van or camper, have a home and also travel after the sun. This is also true and could almost apply to us (with the exception of all the rain in Scotland or winter in Lapland).

In addition, there would then be the digital nomads. These are those who, equipped only with a laptop, go about their work from somewhere and can thus provide for their livelihood.

However, we notice that the majority of us don't care, what stamp we are given. We live a kind of life that we have devised for ourselves. Inspired by digital nomads, vanlifers and dropouts. But different again. And again with similar patterns.

The best thing about it all is that we can Doing it all together and are open to every change, do not go along with everything and vigorously weigh up what suits us right now.

And we've decided that counting the days of travel no longer fits our lifestyle from now on. We will continue to travel, but we no longer want to count every day. Maybe one day we'll celebrate the 1000th day or maybe the beginning of the third year. But just as surely as we keep messing up birthdays and our own wedding anniversary, we cannot guarantee to still count accurately.

So this is how we will next few weeks in Switzerland We will eat fondue, visit family and friends, go on hikes and, full of gratitude, give our Felix a wellness treatment. We'll do the paperwork (which is digital for us) and fill up our travel fund with a little more work. Make plans for the winter.

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Merci for "travelling with us

These weeks we are travelling through Iran. It's possible that we won't be writing posts or that they will be delayed. We first have to see whether we have enough internet or reception and whether it is suitable for us to publish from the country. And whether we will even manage to write down all the fantastic impressions in time.

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Rachel Hirt
Rachel Hirt
1 year ago

Wow! Such beautiful pictures. 💜

I can understand you well about the "counting days". 😁
I take my cat as an example.
She is alive at the moment.
Not 3 minutes before and not in an hour.
Only in the NOW. 👍
I try to imitate my black bitch and at least live in "today". 😂
Not easy!
Of course, one's profession obliges one to remember the date.
But the rest ? 🤷
Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.? ...? 🤔
Well, maybe the children's. 😁

1 more year.....then for me too.....retirement and travel! 🥰

So you two dear travelling snails.
Have a wonderful time at home.

I look forward to reading from you again.

Best regards from Bavaria
from Racheli