Switzerland - Federal Yodelling Festival Zug

Switzerland - Federal Yodelling Festival Zug

You might find our (my?) taste in music "interesting", but yodelling and this music is not exactly one of our favourites. That's not so bad, because until Saturday noon we didn't even know that there was a federal (i.e. really important in Switzerland!) yodelling festival.

We were on our way to Zug to visit some of our family. Cosy coffee on the terrace was on the agenda. But how do you drive through Zug in a van when everything, really everything, is blocked off? Of course, we didn't drive far around Zug, but wanted to follow our sat nav through it.


After a considerable delay, we were welcomed with open arms. It would have been a laugh, such a tiny delay is not so bad. What we didn't know yet, everyone already knew: Zug was expecting around 150,000 people this weekend. Later we learned that as many as 210,000 yodellers and their fans had come to the old town and the lakeside.

We couldn't miss that in the evening: We strolled to the lake and immersed ourselves in the world of yodelling! Joooloo o loo jaaa and so on. In yodelling, the rapid alternation between chest voice and head voice is formed into tones, which creates a special sound. Yodelling is often sung without words, only with sounds. Let's have a listen.

We let ourselves drift, here the first yodel, there others join in. Hundreds of different traditional costumes can be discovered. The tables are full, and so is the waterfront. Rubbish, quarrels, noise? Not a thing. Young and old sing, sway and dance together. We stop, listen to the sounds and I am thrilled how the individual groups create connections through eye contact and their sounds. When they yodel, they dive into the world of sounds and take us with them. Our hearts are touched, our bodies vibrate on seemingly more beautiful frequencies.

We sit on a park bench, watch the people, listen to the sounds of alphorns, yodelling and Schwiizerörgeli concerts. And look at the clock: it's already well past midnight, a vibrant summer night and we are only one thing: happy.

Hand in hand, we stroll through peacefully playing groups of people back to our Felix, treat ourselves to another soft ice cream (summer 2023, our ice cream summer!) and fall into our beds almost at breakfast time somewhere by a quietly babbling brook.

Plans? Pff! You can't plan that, it just has to happen!

For sounds you can have a look here:




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