Tunisia - Water levels falling for years & an idea

Tunisia - Water levels falling for years & an idea

The area in western Tunisia is simply beautiful. Mediterranean hilly. Rocky. And again our desire to compare catches up with us: Northern Italy. 

When we drive along the streets and breathe in the typical scents of one of the many oil mills, we think of our beloved Koroni in Greece.

But no, we are in Tunisia. A country full of surprises. Sea, desert, canyons, green mountains, rocky mountain edges. Simply wonderful, especially the diversity.

Again and again we look for lakes where we spend the night. On GoogleMaps, the lakes also look like lakes. In the south of Tunisia, they are simply sandy areas. We have got used to that. Further north, there are often reservoirs that supply the big cities in the north like Tabarka, Bizerte and Tunis with their water power.

In Nebeur and also in Beni M'Tir we can stand directly at (not on!) the respective dam walls. We get to talk to the local people, "El Patrone der Wasserkraft" is also there at the moment and answers all our questions. The water level has been falling continuously for 10 years, there is no rain or simply too little. He points to the water level gauge, which has not been in the water for years. 

He can do nothing, he is helpless. He shrugs his shoulders and says somewhat resignedly: "We have to save the world, but how?" 

As we sit in the car again, sadness overcomes us. And we are also a little resigned. In our training  "Living Fit for Grandchildren we have made an ecological footprint of our lifestyle and are doing quite well compared to many others. And yet: it is too little. 

We do not want to proselytise. We would prefer it if everyone would just take a good look at the earth. That is utopian, we know. But we also feel and know that there is a bit more in each of us, if only we do it. 

A little bit.

We sit somewhat wistfully in our Felix, listen to podcasts on the topic, discuss a lot and think about whether there could also be a contribution on sustainable living in a motorhome here on "Leben pur" from time to time, whether our readers would (v)endure it. Or would they even like it? We would mark the contributions at the beginning somehow. And if someone is not interested because they are only interested in travel stories, he or she could simply click on. 

What do you think, would that be a possibility? What do you think about the topic? What do you do, what would you like to improve? And do you have any tips for a sustainable VanLife? Let's do something together for our planet.

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Our focus is on the joy of van life and the many possibilities. We want to avoid the usual doomsday and renunciation communication.

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Karin Lindemaier
Karin Lindemaier
1 year ago

Good morning, I just read your post and would like to give you some feedback: I would be very interested in sustainable contributions to your life in a motorhome or sustainable ideas that you come across on your travels and would like to tell you about!
Certainly makes you think and hopefully implement it yourself! Thank you for your daily newsletter!

1 year ago

I just thought to myself, ok, you drive around a lot and "pollute" the environment, but you live in a very small space, you don't have your own flat, someone else uses it (sustainably) and you need less heating.
I am also sustainable: bicycle or public transport, very rarely car, within Germany flixbus or train, a lot of foodsharing, where you still meet nice people, heating down: Jumper, jacket, blanket...
BUT: Flights to Iceland soon, then South Africa, then...🙈

1 year ago

You two love.

I understand you all too well. 😢

I have been living sustainably for as long as I can remember and pay extreme attention to what I use and consume.
Yes, there were other times too, with long-distance flights etc.
But I have learned.

My daughter was born in 1980.
At the time, I told everyone who (didn't) want to know:
If we carry on like this, it's going to go down the drain.
My idea at the time:
It's like pulling the plug out of the bathtub.
At first there are a few large water curls, then the vortex gets smaller and faster until finally, with a loud noise, the suction sucks the rest out of the tub. 😢
What did they answer me?
"You're always with your nonsense. You are so negative! It won't be soooo bad."
Where are we now? 2023 ?
In the last third of the suction !
And people are still dreaming and talking themselves into a better world.

What more can one say?
I still live extremely frugally.
For example, I don't throw away water in which I have cooked vegetables.
Potatoes are cooked in it and whatever other vegetables need to be cooked.
This broth eventually becomes an extremely delicious soup. 🥰😋

I don't think we can change much yet.
I mean, we are 40 years too late. 😢

Maybe we can slow it down.
A little.
But everything that individuals do is undone by men like a Mr Putin.
Or what environmental impact do you think these wars cause in the world. 🤷

I gave it up.
I live as I want to be responsible.
That's all I can do and that's all I want.
No more strength for it.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Kind regards from Racheli 😉

1 year ago

Hello dear ones,
We would be interested in contributions on sustainable/ecological camping, gladly! So far, we have only spent our holidays or short weekend trips with the camper. That's when I start having problems thinking about the environment. Is this way of travelling with a 2.3l diesel engine (and preferably one affected by the diesel emissions scandal) still in keeping with the times? Well, I quickly put these thoughts out of my mind. We simply love this kind of holiday. I drive slowly to at least reduce fuel consumption. On our tours, we also pay attention to rubbish. Any that is produced is disposed of properly, of course.

1 year ago
Reply to  Heike Burch

Dear Heike,
I always think it's good to think about environmental issues in one's own actions. I am not a fanatical Green, but I believe I can recognise the signs of the times. In my circle of friends and acquaintances I experience this differently, especially among the male faction. I suspect it is extremely unmanly to speak out in favour of a speed limit (just one example).
In any case, we would be happy if you could share your thoughts on the topic with us from time to time. Maybe we can adopt one or two of them!

Kind regards