Tunisia - The Cat Whisperer at Coco Beach

Tunisia - The Cat Whisperer at Coco Beach

Arriving at Coco Beach, we realise that we are pretty much alone. There are super many small restaurants, all closed. On the internet we see cosy seating areas in the shallow water. Romantically decorated with waving cloths, candlelight and cool drinks.

And for us?

Absolute tranquillity. We stand directly on the beach, the view of the turquoise blue sea, I even dare to put my feet in. We unpack our camping chairs - which is really rare - and chill out. The time with Urs and Martin was beautiful, but also intense. We both notice that we are mutating into two people. Time with just us is always good for us. Rest. Thinking thoughts through to the end and loving, quiet conversations.

So we sit there, I make coffee, get out the cardigans and Gerd discovers the first cat. As he rustles his Brekkies food bag, word seems to get around Katzenhausen and the furry four-legged friends queue up. Gerd takes care of them all. He feeds them, strokes them and repeats. Only when all the cats are really full is my husband satisfied.

Slowly we are drawn inside, because when the sun goes down, it can get quite chilly in the evenings, even in Africa.

What a happy afternoon! What lucky people we are! And what about the cats? If there is such a thing as karma, Gerd will probably collect thousands of cat karma points and live on in cat heaven one day.

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Merci for "travelling with us

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