Tunisia - The dirt must go & Roman baths in Gafsa

Tunisia - The dirt must go & Roman baths in Gafsa

Now, of course, one may ask whether there is a connection between a car wash and Roman baths. Not at all!

One of my famous googleMaps pins leads us to the Roman baths of Gafsa. We park and are approached by some young men. They smile when we tell them where our route leads. A little later we know why they are smiling: the trip to the museum and the baths turns out to be a 3-minute tour. 

But what we will feel from now on: Up to the north we travel on old Roman and pre-Roman paths. In other words: old stones. Let's see how we like it. After all, we had a small overdose of "old stones" 2 years ago in Greece and later in Turkey.

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After we realise that our trip into town is not very productive, we change our plans: The drive through town takes us past several "Lavage Auto", car washes I almost said. We choose one whose driveway is high enough for Felix to fit in, negotiate more badly than well about the price and two hours later our Felix is hand washed and sparkling clean. The windows are polished - I remember this from the old days - with crumpled newspaper.

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While Felix is in the spa, we want to eat something. Since we are really slow in the hinterland here and they don't even bother to French the menus any more, we stand there like oxen at the new gate: we have no idea what to have.

But we have a strategy: we sit down, have a drink and wait to see what the kitchen brings us. We take a good look at everything and at some point we point to the plate of the person next to us with two raised fingers and the order is clear. What exactly did we get now? Something in dumplings. It was spicy, delicious and mysterious because it was unrecognisable.

Slightly starved of cultural history, but with well-filled stomachs and a sparkling clean Felix, we now set off in the direction of the Roman road.

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