Great Journey Day 696

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It's not on our route at all, this Birmingham (which we professionals of course just call Brum). But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do: go to the musical "We will rock you!

I can read about the queen so many times in magazines and just get laughed at. And him? He's the biggest Queen fan ever and I'm only now realising the paradox. He can, I can't.

So what do we do? We park in the middle of Brum town centre, sit comfortably under lime blossom trees incl. bird shit decoration of the skylights and sweat comfortably to ourselves: because in England it was said to be 40 degrees that day. Suddenly a "neighbour", actually a local resident, stands in front of us and brings us a large bowl of ice cubes. "Welcome to Birmingham!" he says, laughs, turns around and disappears back into his house.

The musical was a must. Yes, today, because there weren't many tickets left and we (he!) didn't want to miss the chance before we left England soon.

And so we walked leisurely through the city in the evening, looking forward to the performance in varying degrees of strength, and what can I say: it was just great. Even though I'm not a big Queen fan, after the second song I had to ask myself in all seriousness why you have to sit in a musical all the time.

So we wriggled around sitting, sang along loudly and a lot (although the announcer said we didn't even need to try, those on stage were better) and then walked musically elated through the streets home to our sauna bedroom.

#WeWillRockYou #Queen #Birmingham



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