16 August 2020

16 August 2020

Sunday afternoon, almost all the boxes are packed and we wonder what to do with the time.
And they get the idea that Gerd could learn the Cyrillic letters. "Oh," he says, "it doesn't matter, Russia has closed the border for the time being anyway. "No way, Cyrillic letters will be waiting for you in Bulgaria," I reply.

"All right, how is my name spelled?" I write it down for him (although I'm not so sure about the h, if that's how the Russians would write it) and he reads out loud: "Tüpixapg".

Okay, we have to practise. Then I tell him that a "b" is a "w" or "v", a "g" is a "d" and a "u" is an "i" and the "p" is then the "r" and the "y" is of course the "u". And then there would be funny letters that we don't even have in the German language and so on. The softness sign (mjagki snak?) has done it for me, he is so not interested in it at all. We are far from learning.

And we ask ourselves how such a mess could have come about. And we assume that at some point someone came from one world to the other with a list of letters that had already been used in one world. And then he probably reported enthusiastically on the use of the letters. And on the long journey he unfortunately forgot which letter stands for which sound and simply used them in a different way. Oh, and then a few were missing, so he had to get new ones. Somehow, that's how it was for sure.

And now you, does anyone know for sure? This is a huge mess.

Addendum: I have already discovered a mistake: чистая жизнь instead of чистая жызнь. He didn't notice, fortunately. But, quite honestly, I was never the best in that Russian class either. There were truly others. 😂

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