20 January 2019

20 January 2019

At the end of a wonderful weekend, I received a homemade gift. I am a self-confessed Strauss fan (all brothers!) and yes, I am also a fan of light composition. Even though Johann Strauss and his brothers never really belonged to the "real" ones, I love light music. Polka and waltzes make my heart beat faster, the melodies remind me of my childhood, where the Fledermaus was warbled and the Danube Waltz was danced at home. At that time still from records. And today the K&K Philharmonic Orchestra Vienna gave a Strauss concert in Biel. I was "away" for two and a half hours. And now I float light as a feather, with the Fledermaus in my ear - thanks to Spotify - into the next working week - - Leben pur! Unterwegs. ?️ ??? #lebenpur #natur #rausausderkomfortzone #draussenistsamschönsten #reisen #travelphotos #unterwegs #backpacker #instatravel #podcast #naturelovers #schweiz #switzerland #myswitzerland #wandern #leben @kkphilharmoniker

Where. Here: Congress House - Palais des Congrès

[igp_map lat="47.135024280303″ lon="7.247941546061″ marker="Kongresshaus - Palais des Congrès" style="ROADMAP" class="" width="400″ height="300″ width_type="pixel" height_type="pixel" zoom="15″] https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs3sSg_nP77/

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