Turkey - Beyşehir & Eşrefoğlu Mosque

16 July 2021

Great Journey 🏍 Day 314
It usually starts on Saturday: we look for a place where we can stay until Tuesday. Monday is our working day and we check accommodation, available internet and sort out our pictures, our memories and let the experience sink in.

This time we set up camp in Beyşehir, a small town on the Gölü (lake) of the same name with no tourists, but with nice cafés and friendly people. Beyşehir has the Eşrefoğlu Mosque, which people here are obviously proud of. One of the few remaining wooden mosques, built between 1296 and 1299.

Our evening walk takes us straight there. That's what we want to see. From the outside, the mosque is made of stone, but inside, dark wood, a colourful carpet laid over the entire surface and magical light enchant the visitors and probably also the worshippers. The large prayer hall is still held up by beautifully carved wooden pillars. The mihrab niche is decorated with a beautiful turquoise-blue-white mosaic.

We are visiting there outside prayer times, but we are not the only visitors. At first we hardly dare to take photos. We still don't know what is desirable and what is not. But when we see how the Turkish visitors allow themselves to be photographed in front of the columns or the magical mosaic, we also pull out our mobile phones and capture the beauty of the mosque for our memories.

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