England - St. Michael's Mount & the Great Love

St. Michael's Mount

Sometimes my husband really surprises me. 

We stand at St. Michael's Mount in front of a café. The sun is shining (for a minute or two between heavy downpours) and "our song" is softly blaring from the loudspeakers of said café.

We both smile. And then it happens. He takes me in his arms, swings me around in the open street and we dance. I am confused, irritated and fascinated at the same time. Only 15 years I had to wait to be "danced". I briefly close my eyes and just enjoy.

Oh, yes, behind this great experience must be St. Michael's Mount. Way in the back. 

St. Michael's Mount is one of these so-called tidal islands. You can reach it on foot at low tide or by boat at high tide. It is also called Mont Saint-Michel's little sister in the north of France. Since we probably won't be visiting that this time - we'll be racing through France - we'll have to do the mini version.

So, we walk along the path at low tide, visit the castle (or is it a former monastery with a castle look?), marvel at the view, the rainbows and let ourselves get completely wet once. 

To celebrate the day, i.e. to celebrate our dance (and a bit to celebrate St. Michael's Mount), we eat probably the most delicious tapas in the world in said restaurant-café and continue on to another highlight, well-fed in body and soul. 

There's this open-air theatre on the coast. The Minack Theatre. Here, too, we only visit when it rains, the entrance fee is steep, the time is short. 

And since the day brought so much joy, we just skip the sightseeing, walk around a bit in the picturesque bay and look for a place at the end of the country: in Land's End.

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Rachel Hirt
Rachel Hirt
1 year ago

How beautiful dear Heike. 🥰
Every wife dreams of such an experience with her husband.
How lucky you are. 👍🍀🐞💘

Kind regards from Racheli

1 year ago

You should hold on to such moments of happiness ... if you can't stop time, then at least keep it close to your heart.