Wales - Swansea

Grand Tour - Wales - Day 755 ff.

And already we are almost "through" with Wales. On the south coast of Wales, in Swansea, we park our cottage directly on the beach (which leaves and returns every few hours), fill up our fridge and go for a meal in one of the promenade restaurants. 

We always do that, stupid really. No sooner is the fridge full than we are drawn to a restaurant. 

We stroll along the absolutely unspectacular promenade, chat with a young aerospace engineering doctoral student about Nasa and SpaceX, the area, the university, about education in general and, above all, about his future, which, we smile and assume, lies in the stars. He, on the other hand, finds everything more than clear. He doesn't want to go up to the stars, he wants to design, research, build.

Of course, Swansea, or Mumbles, as the adjacent promenade bathing resort is called, also has a ruined castle (it is hard to imagine a place in the UK without a ruined castle), which we visit. And a pier in need of repair. And delicious soft ice cream. 

The sunny Sunday is coming to an end with a beautiful sunset (or is it the full moon I'm trying to capture with my smartphone?) and we go to bed early, because we'll spend the next two working days right here: on the promenade with a view of the beach. Who says the home office is boring?  

Again and again we notice how good our travel rest days do us. It gives us routine, peace and the days off from driving soothe our sometimes reception-stressed minds. 

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Merci for "travelling with us

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