Germany - Elbe Sandstone Mountains

Germany - Elbe Sandstone Mountains

After our yesterday's shock we are just looking for a quiet place. For a few nights, if you like. I still have to work a bit on a project (I'm always particularly efficient just before the deadline). And we also want to do a bit of hiking.

But finding a pitch in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains is not so easy. Free pitches? Not a chance. We have never seen so many prohibition and towing signs as here. Sometimes we are not even allowed to park our van during the day, sometimes "staying overnight" is forbidden after 6 pm. Actually, we just want to rest a little.

Finally we find a meadow high up in Ostrau, in an abandoned hamlet above Bad Schandau, where we are allowed to park overnight. The neighbouring guesthouse provides fresh bread rolls in the morning if needed and the parking fee is moderate.

We look at the Schrammsteine, illuminated by the evening sun. And finally come to rest!

Let's think!

Because Ostrau has other plans for us. Ostrau, a small town with a few houses, probably all of which also offer holiday flats, is celebrating a village festival this weekend of all days!

While we are thinking about what to make for dinner, we hear the first sounds from the marquee. "It's getting loud!" a distant neighbour in the meadow calls out to us! "Either earplugs or go dancing!"

Somehow this suits us quite well. We quickly pack our kitchen utensils back into the cupboards and make our way to the barbecue stand and cake bazaar. For two days we eat our way through the village kitchen, sway on beer tent benches in the evening to convivial music and somehow find the simple, cosy get-together really nice. With a smile, we watch the village youth as they dress up and woo each other. We buy home-made waffles with apple sauce from the children to supplement their pocket money a little. Only the bouncy castle is again marked with a prohibition sign: "Children only up to 10 years! But it's also a pity that I'm already a few years older!

During the day - when the marquee is quiet - we stroll through Ostrau, visit the Schrammsteine and I finish one of the projects to also replenish our travel funds a little.

That feels really good now! Such quiet breaks in nature are simply wonderful. And now? Now we continue towards the Czech Republic. Let's see what awaits us there!

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3 days ago

Good morning, you two.
Sleep well?

Czech Republic......๐Ÿฅฐ....soooo beautiful!

Does Gerd actually miss the Tomo wheel ? ๐Ÿค”

Have a good time.

Kind regards from Dachau