Sweden - What's where?

great journey 🇸🇪 day 495 for a few days now we have been cavorting here on sweden's east coast. and v

Great Journey 🇸🇪 Day 495
For a few days now, we've been cavorting around here on Sweden's east coast. And we're trying to find our way around. What we were less interested in before is now important: parking zones, clearance heights, waste disposal and quiet places to spend the night.

Then there is the language. When passing signs, we usually only get halfway through deciphering them, then we're already further along. We think about whether Gerd should read the front part of the word and I the back part. After all, we have enough time to put the words together while driving. (Which, by the way, doesn't really help us!).

Then we rummage through supermarkets and DIY stores. Besides Pippi Longstocking cake decorations, we find a lot of familiar things and an even greater number of completely unknown things. Our translator app does a lot, sometimes even gives us reason to laugh out loud (but that's supposed to be frowned upon in Sweden, any loud noise: we read about welcome marble volume). But when I have to laugh, I unfortunately can't hold it back.

And then this vastness, the beautiful winter nature. There is little traffic and access to the sea everywhere. We stand on deserted meadows with a sea view or several times at harbours that are rather quiet right now due to the winter. The pontoon jetties sway quietly in the sea, we are - as almost always - alone and can either watch the raindrops roll down our windows or the sun rise over the sea.

We don't do much at the moment, arrive, read and knit a lot. Cooking and baking. And yes, we are finally going to cafés again. In fact, one of the little Sweden highlights for us personally.

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