Switzerland - With the friend 5 days holiday 5/5

Pure life. On the road - 5 days holiday with the girlfriend

I still have to learn about the passes. In the middle of the night, shortly before 1 a.m., there is a click and our heating stops working. Of course: on the pass. There, where it's always a bit colder.

Sleepy as I am, I consider two possibilities:

  1. I crawl out of bed, dress warmly, look for the headlamp, have to fiddle around with the gas tank or the heater under the bed, accessible from the outside, of course, and have no guarantee of success.
  2. We pull the duvets far over our noses and wait.

I don't even mention option 1 to her and decide for both of us: we pull the duvet over our noses. In the morning we wake up around 7 or half past 7, it's nice and fresh in Felix, cooler even than in the fridge. My nose is dripping, I wrap myself in blankets and my winter jacket and call my saviour. He is of course delighted to be woken up so early. 

Oh yes, he had a class reunion yesterday, so he must not have slept for long....

When his thoughts can slowly form words, he sends me under the bed with my headlamp and shapeless Michelin disguise to press a button somewhere. 

Press the button, the heating runs. It can be that simple. If you know how.

We slowly thaw out, drive down into the Valais once more, take a nice diversions over the Col des Mosses, only to finally, finally eat our cheese slice there and roll home slowly and happily.

Thank you, you wonderful friend, for putting up with me, for going along with all my ideas, for allowing us to have such wonderful conversations and for trusting my driving skills more than I trust myself. Thank you for being there!

Oh, and merci you wonderful husband, who always saves us when things don't go the way they should. That you moved into your old nursery for the days. That you have backed up all the data again in the meantime and generally: merci.

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Merci for "travelling with us

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