The Great Travel Dream - Day 744

The Great Travel Dream Day 744

"You are living my dream!" we hear and read again and again. And: "Oh, great, what you're doing, I'm so envious!" also not infrequently.

We would like to comment on this. And, because I'm so fond of words, I'd like to call on you to be mindful of your own words and the resulting thoughts (or the other way around?).

First of all: we live "our" dream, not that of others. Perhaps others have similar dreams, in which case there is nothing to stop them from dreaming them and, if the possibilities allow, living them (we are aware that not everyone succeeds in doing this and we are very grateful for the opportunities that life has given us and that we have made of them!)

Besides a great trip (and the travel and gratitude diary here, and only exactly is this: Notes of our journey, not our life) also:

  • Two people living in a very small space, smaller than most guest rooms or children's rooms. We live in less than 11 square metres including bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office and dressing room. (We did some research: even less than a prison cell. Why do we think that? Hm...)
  • We are always together, 24/7. That means everything is experienced together: joy, anger, phone calls, going to the loo, wool and hair lint everywhere, mountains of laundry and washing up, fridges that are too full and too empty, shopping, budgeting and route planning. Every fart and every stinky foot.
  • This is more relationship work and tolerance training than we had ever imagined - and admittedly did not want.
  • But it doesn't stop there: regularly looking for a parking space, reorienting ourselves in every supermarket, constantly converting currencies, often not understanding the language, missing our beloved herbal tea and waving from afar, especially at family events.

Of course, Goethe also has an opinion on this:
"That is the pleasant thing about travelling, that even the ordinary gains the prestige of an adventure through novelty and surprise."

And now we come to envy: We did some research on envy. Mortal sin and all that. Envy can also include ill-will. But we believe that the word is simply misused.

I am watching myself right now. Our daughter is currently travelling through and working in Asia, in my mind I envy her. No, I correct myself, I am happy for her and would love to be there too. Warmth, beach, Thai food.

But there is another thought, because: Those who are still envious now are actually only looking at the actual state (and presumably only the one visible to themselves, not the real one) without taking note of the way here and all areas of life that are not publicly documented. 

And yet: it is absolutely worth it for us, it is exhausting and it is (mostly) beautiful. And we take away so much more than just memories of encounters, beaches, scones with cream and botanical gardens. Just looking through the pages here, we know that our decision for each other and for the road was and is pretty much the best.

So, what dream is lying dormant in your heart and slowly wants to be lived?

Merci for "travelling with us

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Dirk Dautzenberg
Dirk Dautzenberg
1 year ago

Good morning, you two,

ah, I love your glimpses behind the scenes. Scenery is not the right word now, suggests you would otherwise play something for us, no, otherwise you "only" let us participate in the super beautiful impressions.

Yes, many people dream of doing what you do. I think a few from this circle could take a look at their own noses, because if they really got off their butts, they would also have this opportunity. Because despite all the euphoria for what you are doing, I think it takes a lot of courage to take this step as you are doing.
The insight into van life, great! My wife gets a maximum of 3 weeks' holiday at a time, which we take in the summer. She wants it to be warm and sunny on her summer holiday. That's why she/we don't particularly consider northern regions in our planning at the moment. Northern, that starts with the German North Sea and Baltic Sea coast at the latest. So we like to go to Italy or Croatia. After all, we are on the road ourselves in a Kawa. Since the good weather usually works out, we only live outside on holiday, except for sleeping. So we can't enjoy the enclosed life you describe. Only on short holidays (i.e. even shorter than 3 weeks) in spring or autumn do we experience the real dimensions of our mobile home... 🙂

The word envy also has a rather negative connotation for me. But I also think that most people think they enjoy your experiences.

Kind regards to you

Heike Burch
1 year ago

Dear Dirk, thank you for your beautiful and appreciative words.
Yes, I fully understand what you mean about the south, we are more than ever drawn to the sun. The first plans have been made and the chairs and table are already waiting for their permanent outdoor use. The awning is also wondering why it had to travel up here in the north...

Best wishes - from England by now!

Karin Lindemaier
Karin Lindemaier
1 year ago

Hello both, I read your posts daily with great interest - also and especially today. Very thought-provoking 😁. Very sincere of you to also show the less beautiful sides! Thank you for your honesty 😁!

1 year ago

Good morning, you two!

The text spoke to me very much. I know that too. You make my dream trip, I am so envious of you. Of some people every day.

And like you said. It's my dream trip. And I'm happy to be travelling alone in my little microcamper, appropriately named Troll.

I don't think much of riding with others. It is my dream. It is what I want. For me it's right, for others?

You live the way you want to. And that is good. It is your dream.

I can only thank you for the tip about the Nordlandbahn. The trip was great. And my troll is waiting for me in Bodø.

My dream trip to Norway exceeded my expectations. I met great people. And I know when I get on the ferry, I'll be sad. Although I'm looking forward to being home.

Many more wonderful experiences to you both. I am always happy to read about you and to get to know other countries. And I am not envious of you.

Greetings from beautiful Trondheim

1 year ago

Hello Heike and Gerd,
I have been following your journey for quite a while and find your reports very interesting and entertaining. My husband and I have been living permanently in a motorhome (approx. 14 m²) for 4 years and always spend the winters in Scandinavia. Often we are also envied. I always say, even if you gave the envious people a motorhome, they wouldn't be willing to live the way we do. It's just a way of life. I can very well understand your thoughts and wish you continued good times travelling in togetherness.

Rachel Hirt
Rachel Hirt
1 year ago

Dear Heike, dear Gerd.

My thoughts have already been sufficiently noted by the before writers.

However, I feel the need to say:

The word "envy" is - concerning me (personally) - not meant in a negative way.
On the contrary.
It is admiration for what you do and an expression of my joy that you share it with me/us.
Also admiration for the interpersonal performance.

That it's not always fun to be together in such a small space all the time is certainly clear to almost everyone.

I definitely couldn't!

I already had that.
However, this vehicle was 11m long and we were on the road for 2 weeks at most.
I have learned in the process:

It is not the size of the premises that makes this possible or impossible.
It is the way we deal with each other.
The consideration, the respect, the way of talking to each other, the understanding, the tolerance.

My companion missed all that and I couldn't handle it.
Neither in the 11m part on wheels, nor in the house with lots of space. 🤷

Love each other, no matter how many square metres.
You have long since proved that you do.

Kind regards